10 October 2016

5 reasons for eating onions: our advice

To combat cellulite, respiratory issues and other health problems… try onions. And there are natural cures for bad breath

Mangiare cipolle fa bene alla salute

Some people love them and would never do without, while others turn their nose up in the fear they might give them bad breath and indigestion. The truth is that eating onions is good for the kidneys, the respiratory system… and more. Below, we have given 5 health tips and a way for getting ready of the after-taste of onion from your mouth.

1. Onions are useful in cases of cellulite
They purify the blood and the serum and are rich in iodine, which acts on the lymphatic and glandular systems

2. Onions have a diuretic and purifying effect
Onions have an alkaline effect and favour the elimination of uric acid and liquids through the kidneys. In particular, raw onions are beneficial in the case of kidney and urinary problems.

3. Onions are naturally anti-bacterial
They protect the organism from seasonal illnesses and stimulate the body’s immune system. They are rich in vitamin C and mineral salts and can also help against coughs, bronchitis and colds… Try a remedy made with stewed onions: simply boil 2-3 onions in a panful of water for 15 minutes, then drink the filtered liquid.

4. Onions are a valid ally for diabetis sufferers
They have hypoglycaemic properties, in other words they reduce the glucose level in the blood, thus allowing a reduction in the doses of insulin required. Therefore, they can be included in the diet of diabetis sufferers!

5. Onions have aphrodisiac effects
It would appear that they can increase libido and boost masculine virility… try it for yourselves! Popular recipes advise against crushing onions and frying them in butter, so eat them on an empty stomach together with a spoonful of honey.

And if these 5 tips are not enough for those who are afraid of having bad breath, here are a few natural remedies to avoid this side effect. If you wish to eliminate the taste of onion from your mouth, try chewing two coffee beans and drink a glass of milk, or eat some parsley, aniseed or cloves. It may be sufficient to eat an apple.