7 April 2017

Reasons for cooking with shallots

This delicate, aromatic bulb that brings out the full flavour of food, making it a perfect substitute for onion and garlic. It is great both on its own and as part of a team

Perché cucinare con lo Scalogno dell'Emilia

Thanks to their pleasant taste that is preferred by most people, shallots are growing in popularity. Naturally, each recipe requires the right ingredients, but thanks to their elegant aroma, Shallots of Emilia are a perfect ally in any dish. In the battle between onion and garlic, the shallot always wins. Of course, some try a compromise by mixing onion and garlic together, but this noble knight gets on with everyone!

It is more delicate on the palate compared to the onion, with just that extra touch of aroma, but is less overpowering than garlic. These characteristics make it perfect for preparing the traditional soffritto in Italian cooking (usually a mixture of chopped sautéed onions and herbs), or to substitute garlic for those who do not like its taste. The important thing is to never overcook shallot, because as it contains less water than onion, it tends to go black more easily. The shallot of Emilia can be used to add flavour to meat, fish or vegetables, and can even be eaten raw without causing bad breath.

It is perfect for preparing meat ragout, sauces, soups and creamed vegetable soups. They are delicious stuffed but also superb on their own, for example baked in the oven. Simply wrap in aluminium foil with their skins on, bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for around 20 minutes, and serve. It is great both on its own and in a team, and are a fine accompaniment to many dishes. Any dish that is normally made with onion or garlic can thus be given new flair with the elegant Shallot of Emilia.

To enjoy its flavour to the full, it should be stored in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place. It is better not to store shallots in the fridge because, like onions, they do not like humidity. The same goes for plastic bags, in which they risk going off quickly.