Shallot of Emilia in oil

If the preserves are your passion, the shallot of Emilia in oil will surprise you! Delicate and aromatic, the prince of the bulbs turns out to be excellent to enrich the appetizer, as well as a fantastic side dish for meat and fish

  • Gluten freesi
  • Vegan
  • Portatacontorno
  • DifficoltàSemplice
  • Tempo15 minutes + one month rest before consuming
  • Persone8
  • Gluten freesi
  • Vegan
  • Coursecontorno
  • Level of difficultySemplice
  • Preparation time15 minutes + one month rest before consuming
  • Serving8
Scalogno dell'Emilia sott'olio

Ingredienti per 2 vasetti da 500 g

  • 1,5 Kg di Scalogno dell’Emilia
  • 200 g di sale
  • 1 litro di aceto di vino
  • olio extra vergine d’oliva q.b.
  • qualche rametto di timo fresco
  • pepe nero in grani

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